2013 m. spalio 1 d., antradienis

Bmw E36 DriftEdition

Sup? I am here after long time no post , so I have my older mod BMW . It is another drift car , 3d underbody , enginebay (created by me) , engine , wheels and other parts .. 

2013 m. birželio 28 d., penktadienis

Subaru legacy 1991 Wagon

Subaru Legacy Wagon . It is about 85% completed , so take a look :)

2013 m. gegužės 12 d., sekmadienis

S13 have some stuff

Worklist : new front and rear lights , new engine ( sr20det) , new underbody ,new exhaust , new rear wheels and completed enginebay.

2013 m. balandžio 23 d., antradienis

Silvia S13 Work Progress

Some progress of my silvia . Now I work with eginebay , need to fix holes and some other works with enginebay ...

2013 m. balandžio 22 d., pirmadienis

Nissan Silvia S13 new project??

Sup? So I have a new project  Nissan Silvia S13 and also a new ENB series , so here are 2 pictures with them :)

2013 m. balandžio 13 d., šeštadienis

New engine 240sx

Some changes



2013 m. balandžio 9 d., antradienis

Eledzi body done?

So , yeah I done my Eledzi wide bodykit. The bodykit is created by me with 3ds max .

2013 m. balandžio 7 d., sekmadienis

Few older mods

These are my projects that I made earlier.

2013 m. balandžio 6 d., šeštadienis

Elegy wide body making

So , yeah I'am making Elegy wide bodykit , it isn't done yet , but I want to show you how it looks . I created it with 3ds max. By the way elegy got V8 engine .

2013 m. vasario 26 d., antradienis

Progress Elegy !

Elegy is looking better now, it has more stuff. SR20DET engine (Credists : Luksysz) , mufflers from SLRR , door panels from SLRR , Seat (Liviu95) , steering wheel (Liviu95) , kardan and transimission (Liviu95), front suspension (Don't know). Also elegy was in game for the first time after a lot changes, no bugs at all. 

2013 m. vasario 23 d., šeštadienis

Elegy S13 after big work

After really big work I made good results . Full 3d and HQ interior and underbody looks perfect but the car is not done yet. So here are some pictures :

And some pictures of work 

2013 m. vasario 5 d., antradienis

New Project ! Elegy S13 .

So , I have a new project - elegy. I wanna make better quallity and prepare for drift. Modlist : taillights(remaked using 3ds max) , engine bay 50 % my made (purple colour) , little fenders . That's all for now , wait for news :)

And here are few screens how it look now :